Energetic and Meticulous

“The client may be the Judge, but the consumer is the Jury and Executioner” — Lee Clow.


You created your brand to be experienced. It is what builds customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Often or not, entrepreneurs make a mistake by focusing on building awareness and visual identity of the their product or service without focusing on the experience of the customer from start to finish.


What’s the journey like for your customer(s)? Why should people care about your product/services? How should your customer(s) feel when interacting with your brand?


They are the driving forces to your business. Without them, no one would be in business at this very moment; and if customers don’t align with your business objectives, there’s a problem.


The experience of your brand does not have to feel overwhelming or complicated.


I partner up with companies to help them achieve their business objectives through strategy and creative design.


Ready to talk?


Before we set up a call, I would like make sure we’re both a good fit. In this, 45-minute session over on Zoom or Skype, I will learn about your business, yourself, and your pain points you have currently. Later, I will tell you about what we do and how we may help you.


When ready, feel free to grab a slot on my calendar: https://imjenlau.youcanbook.me/.


When I’m not working, I find passion in jump-roping, tea drinking, volunteering at Tzu Chi, visit the elderly home, watching the NBA in-season.